Regular Maid in Wattle Grove, Western Australia


We’ve got a massive range of tools and many years of experience to make sure that the job is done right. Whether your home is available or your lease is almost up and you need quick carpet cleaning, or you only want to find a business to make your carpets look like new, choose us. We are known to provide reliable and efficient cleaning services using the most current and best equipment for cleaning processes.

Customisation options are also negotiable, depending on your personal needs. Our packages can be basic or all-inclusive, and are accessible across Perth a one-off, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
We use business cleaning tools and materials which are suitable for commercial and home sanitisation.

Our professional and reliable cleaners can take care of all your one-off and spring cleaning requirements. A clean house and surroundings equates to a clean and healthy lifestyle.
We guarantee to listen and respond to all your needs as understanding your needs is our priority.

We believe a great, fresh clean can help make a happy home.
A clean every four weeks is an excellent option for anyone that loves a gorgeous clean house but needs a rest every now and again to sit back and relax.

Why should you choose Westcoast for your Regular Maid located in Wattle Grove, Western Australia

For those who have a large family or a very busy home a weekly house clean is perfect for you. Let’s professional cleaners do what they do best, providing you a sparkling clean house every week you can be proud of.
Our customers are welcome to indicate the use of cleaning equipment and products at their home to carry out cleaning. We’re fully insured and our cleaning staff is dependable and trustworthy.

With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it is hard for many working people to take time out for cleaning.
You’ll find the best possible results as soon as your house will be cleaned.

Call us now and we promise to fulfill your expectations.
We are the specialists in Perth for Home cleaning. We say that with the utmost assurance. Our specialist team will know exactly what is required to get a perfect clean for a customer’s house.

We are known to provide reliable and effective cleaning services using the latest and most effective equipment for cleaning procedures.
For a property manager or homeowner you want to make sure your property is preserved and kept in good shape.

Regular Maid located in Wattle Grove, Western Australia

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