Regular Maid in Mt Richon, Western Australia


Nowadays, people are extremely busy with their daily work and don’t have enough time to clean the whole property on time. So no worries, we are ready to clean up your properly in a really short notice.
It’s our job to make sure that the Home cleaning process is as stress-free as possible.

As a bigger cleaning company with multiple cleaners also, we have the buying power and staff to ensure that you’re getting the latest equipment, training or cleaning service.
What if you had someone clean your home to perfection and you didn’t need to pull the time from your busy schedule?

Our experienced and professional cleaners are trained to communicate with our customers so as to cater to individual requirements in their home.
Our company receives clients request fast and provide cleaning services needed quickly without compromising on the cleaning standards.

Taking advantage of one of our domestic cleaners won’t only free up your time, but also relieve the hassles and hard work general house cleaning entails.
If you find your lifestyle is so busy that you don’t have the time to regularly clean your home, it could be time to seek help from a professional cleaning firm like Westcoast Cleaning.

Why pick Westcoast for your Regular Maid in Mt Richon, Western Australia

As a tenant you will want to make certain that you get your home cleaned without any disputes. We understand all the dos and don’ts of home cleaning. We provide a comprehensive cleaning package that will satisfy even the fussiest homeowners. Don’t settle for any cleaning business. Trust you’re cleaning to us and be assured that the property you reside in is as new as you transferred in.
Our different packages and services ensure that we’re among the best choices for every budget.

Searching for regular domestic house cleaning? We can put you onto our cleaners who provide regular home cleaning services for people who can’t find the time or don’t want to do the cleaning themselves. Drop us a line and we’ll provide you their details.
Westcoast provides a professional and customized commercial and domestic cleaning service.

Our minimum charge for scheduled cleaning is $80. This covers an average 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home.
Our firm receives customers request fast and deliver cleaning services needed quickly without compromising on the cleaning standards.

We use an environmentally friendly steam system which will remove all fleas, mites, silverfish and germs. We offer both home and office services to keep your carpets clean and free of pests.
Schedule your cleaning as frequently as you like. Our cleansers can come to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly — whatever works best for you.

Regular Maid in Mt Richon, Western Australia

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