Regular Maid in Attadale, Western Australia


If there is anything you need, just let us know and we will be happy to facilitate.
We combine hard work and determination with professional skills and quality equipment to provide exceptional cleaning benefits!

Book a Routine Weekly/Fortnightly Clean, mention the Special on our website and receive your 7th Consecutive Clean Free!
We can fit ourselves in around any work or home program, giving you the help that you need when you need it most.

Our fundamental domestic cleaning package is an all-inclusive surface wash to keep your home spotless and pristine on a regular basis. We take care of your everyday domestic cleaning needs so that you can continue to make the best use of your time.
The spring domestic cleaning package covers the items of the simple domestic cleaning package (general tidying, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning of the home) but also extends into the cleaning of interior walls, kitchen cabinet doors and oven cleans.

Our business is comprised of a group of people that are passionate about keeping homes sparkling cleaning.
For a property manager or homeowner you wish to make sure your property is maintained and kept in good shape.

Why should you pick Westcoast for your Regular Maid for Attadale, Western Australia

When you’re hiring a cleaner every dollar counts. Together with the experts in national cleaning on your side you can always expect a flawlessly clean house that’s ready for that final review. Your house is important to you, your clean house is significant to your family and friends along with your cleaning is important to us.
Our specialist cleaning companies get real results. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a little house or a large home. We can clean any home location from top to bottom. Our fast turnaround and comprehensive cleaning appeals to residents all over Perth’s suburbs!

Our company has an established track record of meeting our clients’ cleaning requirements. Our cleaners will wash and clean a home to make certain it is handed over in tiptop condition. We clean your house from top to bottom with the maximum attention to detail potential.
Our focus is providing our clients with the highest standards in service, support and communication to ensure complete satisfaction.

Based on the service, we can offer a vacuum cleaner, mops, broom duster, squeegee for window cleaning, sponges, etc..
We execute cleaning completely in all areas and pay special attention to areas that need cleaning.

We use an environmentally friendly steam system that will remove all fleas, mites, silverfish and germs. We provide both home and office services to maintain your carpets clean and free of pests.
We have a passion for providing a cleaning service which exceeds expectations, and we won’t let you settle for anything less than the best house cleaning services Perth has to offer.

Regular Maid located in Attadale, Western Australia

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