Regular House Cleaning for Osborne Park, Western Australia


Our team of experts utilize a stain and grease removal technologies which will make the stove look brand new again.
It’s our job to ensure that the Home cleaning process is as stress-free as possible.

The spring domestic cleaning bundle covers the items of the simple domestic cleaning bundle (general tidying, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning of the house) but also extends to the cleaning of interior walls, kitchen cupboard doors and oven cleans.
Our fundamental domestic cleaning bundle is an all-inclusive surface clean to keep your home spotless and pristine on a regular basis. We take good care of your everyday domestic cleaning needs so that you can continue to make the best use of your time.

Depending on the service, we could offer a vacuum cleaner, mops, broom duster, squeegee for window cleaning, sponges, etc..
Our specialist home cleaners take care of every detail of your home, not leaving the kitchens or bathrooms or even the accumulated dust underneath the beds.

Our Domestic Cleaning services include everything in the dreaded ironing piling up on your laundry room to the dust bunnies under your bed. We do windows!
We have the ability to cover a wide selection of cleaning tasks, from a simple clean through to a complicated cleans, such as window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning too.

Why should you choose Westcoast for your Regular House Cleaning for Osborne Park, Western Australia

If for any reason you pick something up that our cleansers missed, we’ll organise for that cleaner to come back to fix it. Dont worry about the cleaning, let’s take some of the hassle out for you.
Our Home cleaning service provides a 100% clients satisfaction guarantee and our prices for cleaning would be the most competitive in the market.

As a bigger cleaning company with multiple cleaners also, we have the buying power and staff to make sure that you’re getting the most recent gear, training or cleaning services. The time necessary for the basic domestic cleaning service will be dependent on the size of your residence. Like all our professional house cleaning services, we take the time understand your needs and expectations so that we may easily tailor our regular house cleaning packages, providing you the comfort of a sparkling home.

We believe in keeping a proper and professional tidy house. We love to keep a spotless house.
Our firm receives clients request fast and provide cleaning services required quickly without compromising on the cleaning criteria.

All our cleaners at Westcoast have been taken through systematic training, they carry public liability insurance and are expected to use only equipment and all organic chemicals that are accepted by our company.
Our regular Home cleaning service is carried out throughout your property including bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedrooms.

Regular House Cleaning for Osborne Park, Western Australia

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