Regular Cleaning for Daglish, Western Australia


Schedule your cleaning as often as you like. Our cleansers can come to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly — whatever works best for you.
There is no need to spend your precious time or your day off on house cleaning — leave that to our professional cleaners who will be sure you come home to a clean house.

Our professionally licensed and insured cleaning team will come to your house fully equipped and clean whatever and wherever you need in a jiffy.
We’re also pleased to complete any chores such as washing clothes or dishes that you may have in mind!

All cleaning agents, we work with, are family and pet friendly, non-toxic and analyzed for domestic use.
We provide a full service allowing you to focus your attention on other things. We can also quote you for carpet cleaning.

The prices we charge are very reasonable, affordable and competitive. We will do our best to price match and where we can, even price beat.
Nowadays, people are very busy with their daily work and don’t have sufficient time to clean the entire property on time. So no worries, we are ready to clean up your properly within a really short notice.

Why should you choose Westcoast for your Regular Cleaning located in Daglish, Western Australia

Our services help make sure that you have a worry free day as we understand cleaning houses can be stressful. We’ve even worked with all many Real Estate businesses throughout Perth.
It’s our job to make sure that the Home cleaning process is as stress-free as possible.

The fundamental domestic cleaning services can be carried out across Perth, on a Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Yearly basis.
We combine hard work and determination with professional skills and superior equipment to provide exceptional cleaning results!

We are committed to providing all our clients with superior waste management control practices, consistent with a good policy to care for our environment and minimise contamination.
Enhance your work/life balance by investing in quality domestic services for your busy family.

There is no need to invest your precious time or your day off on house cleaning — leave that to our specialist cleaners who will make certain you come home to a clean house.
Our regular Home cleaning service is carried out throughout your house including bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

Regular Cleaning in Daglish, Western Australia

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