Regular Cleaning located in Bickley, Western Australia


Perhaps you are time poor, or the need for a domestic cleaner might be due to another reason.
There is no need to invest your precious time or your day off on house cleaning — leave that to our specialist cleaners who will be sure you come home to a clean home.

We’ll vacuum, polish, and scrub our way through your house until everything is cleaned just the way you want it.
Our House Cleaning Services believe dedication to providing an excellent cleaning and housekeeping services towards active individuals, families and professionals couples.

We combine hard work and determination with specialist skills and quality equipment to provide exceptional cleaning benefits!
We have been in the cleaning business for over a decade and have helped hundreds of tenants with Home clean.

Our different services and packages ensure that we are among the best choices for every budget.
When you’re hiring a cleaner every dollar counts. Together with the experts in domestic cleaning on your side you could always expect a flawlessly clean house that’s ready for that last review. Your Home is important to you, your clean home is important to your friends and family along with your cleaning is important to us.

Why should you choose Westcoast Cleaning for your Regular Cleaning for Bickley, Western Australia

We clean work surfaces, sinks, floors and skirting. We will even clean mirrors and empty your bins as part of this ceremony.
Our cleaners are carefully chosen by us cleaners we would be happy to have clean our own homes.

Let our staff customize a cleaning service to suit your individual requirements and your budget.
If you feel as though there is never enough time in the day, get in contact and talk to one of our helpful Customer Service Officers. Our services actually can make a world of difference!

Whether you’re seeking a regular, weekly or one-time home cleaning, end of lease clean or a vacancy clean, bring home the magic of regular domestic cleaning services.
If you hire someone that has less experience and training, you may find you are actually spending more time and money as they learn at work. Our staff have been cleaning for years and have discovered quicker ways of cleaning.

Our business is comprised of a team of people that are passionate about maintaining homes sparkling cleaning.
For a property manager or homeowner you want to ensure your property is preserved and kept in good condition.

Regular Cleaning for Bickley, Western Australia

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