Below are the services we provide.

There are services that may come with an additional surcharge due to damage, time required to clean or for non-standard items. Our cleaners can re-quote based on any non standard cleaning when arriving at the job if they have not been advised upon quoting.


  • Oven walls, racks, griller and trays cleaned, with oven dishes left in the oven
  • Stove top cleaned and free from stains
  • Range hood, including filters, cleaned and light working
  • Dishwasher cleaned, including doors rubbers and the filter
  • Bench tops cleaned
  • Sinks, drain holes, plugs and taps clean and free from food
  • Ceiling fan cleaned.


  • Bath, showers, shower  screens, basins, and toilets to be cleaned, disinfected, and free from soap  residue and mould
  • Mould removed from tiles, grout, ceiling and walls
  • Benches and tiled areas cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Ceiling fans cleaned.


  • Wardrobes, cupboards and draws cleaned and emptied
  • Light fittings and switches cleaned and all globes in working order
  • Windows and glass sliding doors cleaned inside and out
  • Window screens and screen doors cleaned inside and out
  • Window ledges, skirting boards and doors wiped clean
  • Door and window tracks cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Traces of cigarette odours and nicotine stains removed
  • (Additional)
  • Venetian and vertical blinds cleaned (Additional)
  • Curtains washed or dry-cleaned and re-hung (Additional)
  • Air-conditioning units wiped down, and filters washed and dried
  • If furnished, all furniture cleaned (or steam-cleaned as appropriate) and located in original rooms, as per inventory. (Additional)


  • Carpets Cleaning (Additional)


  • Mould removed from tiles, grout, ceiling and walls (if heavy Surcharge may apply)
  • Wall Spot Cleaning included (Wall washing additional)
  • Cigarette Stain Removal (Additional as it is classed as Heavy)
  • Benches and tiled areas cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Ceiling fans cleaned.

GARAGE AND GARDEN (additional)

  • Garage door hosed clean
  • Wheelie bin emptied and cleaned
  • Any damage caused by pets cleaned, and pet droppings collected
  • Oil and grease stains, and mould removed from garage and driveway
  • Garage floor and decking areas swept
  • Lawns mowed, edged, and garden weeded
  • Pool filter cleaned and debris removed from pool
  • Cobwebs removed from walls, eaves and windows
  • Outdoor lights working and cleaned.