Monthly Regular Cleaning for Herron, Western Australia


It’s our core responsibility to make you fall in love with your lovely and clean house. We ensure immaculate cleanliness so you can feel yourself in heaven. So as to keep your home clean and nice, we could do the best job to bring the excellent results.
We keep in contact with you always to keep you informed on the status of your order and the progress of the cleaning job. We contact you by SMS, E-mail, and telephone!

As a bigger cleaning company with numerous cleaners also, we have the purchasing power and staff to ensure that you’re getting the most recent equipment, training or cleaning services.
While first impressions are important, we believe that consistency in the quality of service we provide holds more value.

We can match ourselves in any work or home program, giving you the help that you need when you need it most.
We provide high quality domestic cleaning services at reasonable prices and provide customer expectations.

We’re different from your normal home cleaning company.
We provide flexible and very competitive costs to best suit each individual service requirements.

Why pick Westcoast Cleaning for your Monthly Regular Cleaning located in Herron, Western Australia

From beginning to end, we treat your house as our own; with the highest respect.
Our clients are welcome to suggest the use of cleaning equipment and products at their home to carry out cleaning. We’re fully insured and our cleaning team is dependable and trustworthy.

Our cleaning services are designed to make sure we take the workload from your busy schedule and earn house cleaning an absolute breeze.
Our rigorous selection procedure ensures that the home cleaners we provide you exceed your expectations of domestic cleaning criteria. It’s like having your own staff clean your house, only at unbelievably low prices.

We employ industry cleaning tools and materials which are acceptable for commercial and home sanitisation.
Basic domestic cleaning contains a general clean of hard surfaces and faucets and sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as general tidying, vacuuming, dusting and mopping in other rooms throughout the house.

For a free no obligation form, use our online booking form to arrange a perfect house cleaning service.
Nowadays, people are extremely busy with their daily work and don’t have sufficient time to clean the whole property on time. So no worries, we are prepared to clean up your properly in a really short notice.

Monthly Regular Cleaning located in Herron, Western Australia

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